Custom Made Just For You

Customizing shoes? Can you really do that?

Yes you can! Nobody wants to look the same right? You can show your unique self through these shoes! Not only you can look different, you can also create new fashion trend. You design it, we make your dream come true. The design is yours truly. Nobody else have it.

Unique self? What are you talking about?

We believe that each person has a unique personality. Jock, Nerd, Queen Bee, Dorky, you named it. Everyone is different. Even a queen bee has a nerd side inside of her, even if it’s only a little bit. You can express your inner self through these canvas, these shoes. And these shoes, we’d like to call it sol mates. Get it? ’cause sol mates can only be placed in your heart 😉

That's sick! Sign me up!

Then what are you waiting for? You can start customizing your sol mates now!

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